Samson Estates Winery is proud to collaborate with Chocolate Necessities of Bellingham to offer our unique and delectable gourmet chocolate wine truffles. Crafted with the finest grade of Callebaut Belgian Chocolate, these treats are made by hand, carefully mixed and flavored with Samson Estates wines by our expert chocolatier. After preparing the exquisitely smooth centers, the shell of each truffle is carefully chosen to complement the complex flavors of the wine inside. As a final touch, a garnish is added. The garnish serves as a decoration and as a means of indicating the flavor of a truffle.

Flavors of truffles in stock are subject to change based on availability. Truffles are priced as follows (in-store purchases only).

  • $1.95/each

  • 6 piece Gourmet Truffle box (assorted) - $10

  • 12 piece Gourmet Truffle box (assorted) - $18

  • 24 piece Gourmet Truffle box (assorted) - $32