Wedding Terms and Conditions

(all amounts listed in U.S. Dollars) 

Minimums/Facility Fees/Deposits 

Up to 75 guests:

Facility Fee: for Friday through Sunday Bookings: $2,000

For Monday through Thursday Bookings: $1,600

Furniture and Services: $10 per person

Deposit: $1,000 to hold date, $500 for damage deposit ($1,500 total)


Up to 150 guests:

Facility Fee: for Friday through Sunday Bookings: $2, 200

For Monday through Thursday Bookings: $1, 800

Furniture and Services: $10 per person

Deposit: $1,000 to hold date, $500 for damage deposit ($1,500 total)


150 Guests up to 280 guests:

Facility Fee: for Friday through Sunday Bookings: $2,500

For Monday through Thursday Bookings: $2, 000

Furniture and Services: $10 per person

Deposit: $1,000 to hold date, $500 for damage deposit ($1,500 total)


For over 280 guests please contact our event manager*

Insurance requirement:

Booking party to purchase a $3 million liability insurance, naming Samson Estates Winery and Samson Farms as insured parties. Brides are responsible for securing this insurance, through or their personal liability insurance company, and must provide a certificate for such insurance at the time of final payment for the contract wedding/event services.

1.    Facility Fee includes use of Winery Grounds, Outdoor Event Center, Guest Restrooms and Parking for Guests and access to Outdoor Event Center the day of the event for set up and decorating. A separate addendum to this agreement will cover additional access to the facility. (As a courtesy whenever possible, the winery will permit the wedding party to start decorating the day before their wedding.)

2.    The per person Furniture & Services Charge is in addition to the facility fee and covers the cost of:

a.     Outdoor wedding chairs

b.     Banquet tables & chairs required for dinner seating

c.     Set up and Take Down Fee of all chairs & tables

3.    All facility fee and minimums apply to in season events June through September.

4.    Deposit is required at time of booking.  Reservation will be confirmed upon receipt of deposit.


Fees and other Charges

Rehearsal Dinners to be booked under separate addendum to this agreement

Ice booking party to furnish their own ice for chilling soft drinks and refreshments not including wines; freezer is provided.

Samson Estates requires a minimum wine purchase be made for each event directly from the winery. For each event we require a minimum wine purchase of 1 case of wine per 75 guests. All wine purchased for an event at Samson Estates will receive a 10% discount off of our retail tasting room rates.

1.    One case consists of 12 bottles of Samson Estates wines in either 375ml or 750ml. Mixed cases can be purchased.

2.    Wine orders must be paid in full, prior to leaving the tasting room for event use. If the organizer or booking party would like additional wine for the event in cases where wine runs out, arrangements must be made prior to additional wine being provided for the event.

Bar Service Options:

Option #1: The Samson Estates Winery staff can serve Samson Wine to guests of the wedding for no additional charge (besides the cost of pre-purchased wine, see above). Winery staff will serve for a maximum of (4) hours before closing the bar no later than 10pm. If this option is chosen, then no member of the wedding party is permitted to self-serve or to serve others. Additionally, no spirits or beer will be served or permitted during the event.

Option #2: The wedding party purchases a “WA State Banquet Permit” available at: This permit allows for the self- service of beer and wine (the one case minimum wine purchase, as stated in the contract, of Samson Wine, still applies, and spirits are still prohibited). This option places full liability for legal and responsible alcohol service upon the booking party. This includes the prevention of driving “under the influence” by wedding guests and serving alcohol to the underage. The wedding party may choose to contract with a bartending service or other responsible individual. The wedding party is fully responsible for any costs associated with “third party” bartending services. Once the bar is in operation, no additional beer or wine, or any other alcoholic beverages, can be brought to the event bar or the event facility, to supplement the existing supply of alcohol. In other words, if the beer is running out, don’t send out for more. All beer served at the Samson Event Center must be furnished in kegs—no bottled beer or cans are permitted on site.

The winery does not endorse nor recommend any bartender or bartending service.  If Option #2 is chosen, then winery employees are no longer legally able to serve any alcohol to any wedding guests, Beer cups to serve the beer at the bar will NOT be supplied by Samson Winery under any conditions. Also, wedding guests are then prohibited from entering the winery tasting room for the duration of the event. This rule is a requirement of the Washington State Liquor Control Board (WSLCB).



1. The winery is required to obtain a copy of the group’s Banquet Permit prior to the event if this option is selected. Without the permit, Option #2 cannot be implemented. A copy must also be posted at the bar.

2. Selecting this option does not waive the “liability insurance requirement” (see above). Once the bar is in operation,

3. The bar will still operate for a maximum of 4 hours and must end by 10 pm regardless of start time. For information regarding banquet permits please visit: Washington State Liquor Control Board.


1.    Final number of guests and full payment is required 15 business days prior to the scheduled event.

2.    The event organizer will be charged for the sum of the Facility Fee, Furniture & Services and wine and any other services requested.

3.    Events must end by 11pm. It is required that all alcohol service end by 10pm if groups choose “self-service”.

4.    A winery employee will be on-site to close down the venue at 11pm. All visitors to the property will be expected to have departed safely by 11:15pm. Staying beyond this time jeopardizes full refund of the damage deposit.


BOOKING DEPOSITS are non refundable unless Samson Estates Winery is able to rebook the venue. Full payment is non refundable within the 30 business day guarantee period. DAMAGE DEPOSITS ONLY will be refunded in full upon notification that a wedding or event has been cancelled.

Responsibility of the Organizer/Booking Party: 

1.    The organizer or booking party is responsible and accountable for any and all damage to the facility and surrounding areas (outdoor lights, landscaping, buildings and equipment). A refundable damage deposit of $500.00 is required along with the booking deposit. Samson Estates has the right to deduct from the damage deposit for the following occurrences:

a.    Trash not removed by booking party

b.    Cigarette butts on winery grounds

c.    Damage to any of Samson Estates property, including but not limited to, bathroom facilities, furniture and all fixtures including landscaping and vineyards

d.    Damage done by any event service staff hired by the booking party

e.    Staying after 11:15 following the event.

f.     Abusive behavior towards the staff or management.

*As all possible damage may not be included in the above listing of damages, Samson Estates solely reserves the right to use reasonable judgment in assessing damage to its property.

*Damage deposits will be refunded by the winery within two weeks following the wedding/event so long as none of the above listed conditions has occurred.

2.    Prior approval is required for placement of any interior or exterior signage or decorations by the organizer.

3.    The organizer or booking party is responsible for all event planning including catering, linens, dishware and utensils, photography, DJ and /or music, decorations, transportation to and from the venue and any other planning associated with the event other than venue and tables and chairs. We do not furnish or set up additional tents or decorative lighting.

4.    Organizer or booking party agrees to hold Samson Estates Winery harmless of any damage or injury sustained by any guests at their event.

5.    The following acts are not permitted on winery grounds under any circumstance:

a.    Fire pits or bonfires or any open flames that pose a fire hazard, including fireworks.

b.    Driving on lawns, landscaped areas or vineyards

c.    Camping on winery grounds

d.    No firearms are permitted on winery grounds. Firearms may not be used for any celebratory purposes on or in the vicinity of the property.

e.    Smoking. Samson Estates Winery is a non-smoking facility. We expect the booking party to inform their guests of this.

6.    The booking party is responsible for the removal of all trash, garbage and any other personal property brought by them to the venue for their event, by no later than 2 PM on the day after the wedding. All food and garbage must be put away in trash containers or refrigerators following the event as a precaution against animals and insects.

Responsibility of Samson Estates Winery

1.    Samson Estates Winery will provide the organizer or booking party with a venue to hold their event. This includes use of our facilities as well as tables and chairs for the event. Tables & chairs will be provided from Samson Estates existing inventory and if the organizer or booking party requires tables and chairs not in Samson Estates inventory, the parties must arrive at terms prior to the event. We do not provide tents, water glasses or other structures.

2.    Samson Estates Winery assumes no responsibility for lost, misplaced or damaged articles belonging to the booking party or guests.

3.    Samson Estates Winery reserves the right to refuse service to anyone and to terminate an event in progress, if necessary, to maintain a safe environment and protect your guests, Samson Estates Winery staff, and winery property from harm. Any situations where Samson Estates determines that event guests or staff are in harm’s way and the booking party is uncooperative, the proper law enforcement agency will be contacted to terminate the event in progress.