Chocolate Wine Truffles

Samson Estates gourmet dark chocolate wine truffles are handmade with the finest grade of Callebaut Belgian Chocolate. The centers are made by hand, carefully mixed and flavored with Samson Estates wines by our expert chocolatier. After preparing the exquisitely smooth centers, the shell of each truffle is carefully chosen to complement the complex wine flavors. As a final touch, a garnish is added to our truffles. The garnish serves as a decoration and as a means of indicating the flavor of a truffle.

A flavor guide is included with your order. For selecting the truffles the customer will have the following options (in-store purchases only).

4 piece Gourmet Truffle box (assorted)

6 piece Gourmet Truffle box (assorted)

12 piece Gourment Truffle box (assorted)

24 piece Gourmet Truffle box (assorted)